About JGSC

The Jacobs Graduate School Council (JGSC) is a student organization comprising of officers from that represent nearly 3000 graduate students across 6 different departments in the Jacobs School of Engineering (JSOE). Our mission is to provide engineering graduate students the opportunities, resources, and networks that will enable them to have successful graduate careers and strengthen the sense of community within JSOE. Our primary means of carrying out our mission is by utilizing programs that help foster professional, educational, and social development opportunities.

Expanded Mission:

• Foster a sense of identification with UCSD, especially with the Jacobs School of Engineering in particular, and enhance the quality of life of the Jacobs graduate students.

• Host events that contribute a sense of graduate student community and belonging by ensuring that the student body gets together often enough to create a sense of belonging to a group.

• Host events aimed to help remind the graduate student body that the Jacobs School takes an active interest in their general well-being and happiness, not just their academic progress.

• Host events that are faculty-inclusive in order to help develop more open and relaxed student-faculty interactions.

• Promote stronger departmental graduate student organizations by facilitating information transfer as well as cross-departmental cooperation and coordination.

• Promote a stronger Jacobs graduate network by grouping the organizational strength of each of the departmental organizations, giving the Jacobs greater leverage to enact change within the Jacobs School, within UCSD, and within the greater community.

• The council is not meant to replace/lessen Jacobs participation in the UCSD GSA. Redundancy should be avoided, and GSA participation should be strongly encouraged.


  • Six departments: ECE, CSE, MAE, BioE, SE and NanoE.

  • Campus: Dean’s office, IDEA Student Center, Office of Innovation and Commercialization, Institute of Global Entrepreneurship, Career Center, Grad Division, Corporate Affairs Program

  • Student Orgs: GSA, ECEGSC, BEGS, CSEGSA, MAEGSC, MatSciGSA, GSN, RoboGrads, Energy Club, WIE.